The Solution to ADHD

It’s pretty simple actually you can’t change your brain but you can change how you work with it. 


Here’s a short list of things, from the book “Taking Charge of Adult ADHD” by Russell A. Barkley, that you can do to counteract the impact of ADHD on your life:


Medication that will help you concentrate, persevere, manage your time, and resist distractions that pull you away from what you want and need to do 

Strategies for playing up your strengths 

Tools that can help you compensate for weaknesses 

Coping skills that will boost your success in specific arenas, from work to home 

Support from peers and experts who want you to realize your dreams and reach your goals


That’s it. Those are all the things you can do. Notice what isn’t on that list? A cure. There is no cure, you were born with it and will die with an ADHD brain. 


But that’s ok! Learn to work with what you’ve got and you’ll live a much better life – I promise. 

Have you read this book or another that you’d like to recommend on ADHD?

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