Team FLEX is a group of volunteers on similar paths to better understand our own ADHD and who are passionate about having an active role in developing the FLEX website and community.

Our mission is to spread awareness and promote affirmation of adult ADHD, and to be a day-to-day resource and community to support people with ADHD in living fulfilled lives.

Our values guide all that we do. We make these statements to define what you can expect from us. If you see anything on the site that doesn’t adhere to our values, hold us accountable!

Did you know we thrive in connection with other ADHDers?

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Together, our community explores how our magnificently different brains work.

We have body doubling groups, video calls, groups with writers working towards books, and one for ADHD coaches and aspiring coaches!

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Why Join Us

We Aren’t Just Storytellers, We’re a Community.

We’re just like you.

We struggle and stumble, but together we share and grow.

Some of us feel deeply about the need in our community and want to do something about it.

Together we can. 

We’re There For You

You don’t have to be alone on your journey, and Slack is a great way to be part of an amazing group of people, whether you participate in the site or not. Slack serves as a safe space, apart from social media, where our community can share and learn from each other while also inspiring, directing, and sometimes even writing our site’s content.

We Love You Already

There is nothing wrong with us, we are not broken, we don’t need to be fixed. This is true, whether you currently believe it or not. We want to be there to positively support and impact your life for the better. Whether that’s sharing tips on finding a new doctor or home organization, someone here has something to share with you.

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