We want everyone with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), formally diagnosed or not, to feel supported in understanding and embracing their uniquely wired brain. Our mission is to spread awareness and promote affirmation of adult ADHD, and to be a day-to-day resource and community to support people with ADHD in living fulfilled lives. 

FlexYourADHD consists of both a website and a community, currently hosted on Slack. Our website provides a self-service reference for scientific research and facts, self-care considerations, tools, tactics, individual stories, and a sprinkle of zaniness, all centered on adult ADHD. The articles you’ll find here are written and inspired by members of our community, either through questions or requests for tips or through specific polls. Our community is a day-to-day support mechanism for individuals to get help with specific challenges, find a sympathetic ear, and connect with other adults living with ADHD.

The focus of both our website and community is inspired by Russell A. Barkley’s book “Taking Charge of Adult ADHD”. He highlights five areas of action to manage the impact of ADHD on our lives:

  • Medication* that will help you concentrate, persevere, manage your time, and resist distractions that pull you away from what you want and need to do 
  • Strategies for playing up your strengths 
  • Tools that can help you compensate for weaknesses 
  • Coping skills that will boost your success in specific arenas, from work to home 
  • Support from peers and experts who want you to realize your dreams and reach your goals

*We are not doctors but we will provide our personal experiences with medication and support our community in learning how to advocate for themselves in conversations with their health care professions. Hear Our Story.