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by Dorsey McFadden

Join an online community just for people with ADHD.

We Aren’t Just Storytellers, We’re a Community.

The mission of FlexYourADHD is to normalize discussions about mental health, more specifically around ADHD, and to help individual adult sufferers learn how to better manage their lives. The Slack channel will serve as a safe space for our community to share and learn from each other while also inspiring, directing, and sometimes even writing our site’s content.

Becoming a member of our slack community comes with some pretty great benefits, including:

  • A community of like-minded individuals who struggle with the same things as you
  • Access to an accountability group with the potential to do weekly calls or pair you with an accountability buddy
  • Access to a support system that can help answer questions about ADHD
  • Informal group coaching

Through your involvement you can:

  • Help correct the many misconceptions about ADHD floating around on the web
  • Share your unique point of view on topics that affect ADHD people every day
  • Share life saving trips and tricks (like always putting your car keys in the same place and
    keeping a note in your with all the medication you take – lifesavers!)
  • Participate in informal polls to be referred to in our website articles
  • Participate in a body double sessions
  • Be interviewed or do the interviewing in our weekly call
  • Connect to an accountability buddy 

You don’t have to be alone on your journey, and Slack is a great way to be part of an amazing group of people – whether you participate in the site or not – we’d absolutely love for you to be part of this!