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About This Project

by Dorsey McFadden

When asked about Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), most people think of a little boy bouncing off the walls. But this dated stereotype leaves out a vast population of adults and children with ADHD whose symptoms are not so easily seen by others. There has been an increase in awareness about the myriad of ways in which ADHD can affect a person, and people telling their stories on the internet are a big part of why we have this knowledge. There are millions of people today that have a different kind of brain than most. When you’re living in a world built for the neurotypical brain, you can feel as if you’re terribly alone, that no one is as strange or weird as you. But guess what? You aren’t alone. 

The official mission of FlexYourADHD.com website is to normalize discussions about mental health, more specifically around ADHD, and to help individual adult sufferers learn how to better manage their lives. We’ll do this by encouraging members to share their stories about ADHD-related topics in whatever unique way they’d like. 

Our Slack community will connect ADHDers across the globe so that we can help each other make the most of our wonderful and frustrating ADHD minds. 

Our slack members will guide us and inspire content creation and ideation. We will poll members for insights to share with the world. Let’s help enlighten the rest of the world and help them to understand the ADHD human experience.  

Because we are a collective of independent ADHD content creators, you’ll hear many voices represented on this site. Our community has full editorial control. Most of our content right now is from my, Dorsey’s, point of view, but with your help we’ll fulfill the mission to represent all faces of ADHD. So please join our community today! 

Below are our guiding mission statements.

  • Community
    • This site aims to help adults who have ADHD need to know they aren’t alone.
    • We’ll create a safe space for our community to share and learn from each other.
  • Education and Information
    • We’ll help normalizing discussions around Mental Health.
    • We’ll create awareness about when symptoms aren’t ADHD alone and the increased risk of addiction.
    • We’ll share wisdom, tips, tricks, hacks, and education about ADHD. 
    • We’ll call attention to the ways in which this world was designed for a typical brain.
  • Support 
    • We’ll also celebrate our unique brains – highlighting ADHD’ers success in life.
    • And just in general we’ll become a community resource, helping each other.