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All of us here at FlexYourADHD know living with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can present challenges in many aspects of life, including organization, productivity, and personal well-being. We struggle with things like demand avoidance, decision fatigue and analysis paralysis, where the overwhelming number of choices and tasks can lead to difficulty in making decisions and taking action. 

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology have paved the way for innovative tools designed to support individuals with ADHD. These tools leverage AI algorithms and automation to assist with tasks such as reading, organizing, communication, and decision-making. In this article, we list 31 new AI tools tailored to help individuals with ADHD optimize their daily lives.

Goblin.Tools: You’ll forever thank us for this one. When it comes to ADHD we can have a hard time breaking those bigger projects into bite sized chunks. This AI tool does exactly that – breaking things down so you don’t have to. 

WhisperMemos.com: This one is a favorite for ADHDers who struggle with capturing and organizing thoughts. WhisperMemos.com allows you to record audio memos on your phone and receive them conveniently in your email, making it easier to convert messy thoughts into clear, actionable text.

Suggest.gift: Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Suggest.gift uses AI to ask relevant questions and suggest suitable gift options, helping individuals with ADHD find thoughtful presents for their loved ones.

Looria.com: Combat decision fatigue when shopping with Looria.com. This AI-powered tool helps you find the right products by aggregating reviews and conducting research, simplifying the decision-making process and guiding you to the best choices.

Personal.ai: Managing information overload can be overwhelming. Personal.ai acts as a personal AI assistant, organizing and remembering important details, creating a digital library tailored to your needs.

Explainlikeimfive.io: Understanding complex concepts can be difficult for individuals with ADHD due to our working memory challenges. Explainlikeimfive.io provides simplified explanations of various topics, making it easier to grasp complex ideas.

AudioPen.ai: Gathering and expressing thoughts effectively is essential for individuals with ADHD. AudioPen.ai uses AI-powered transcription to convert spoken words into written text, enabling individuals to articulate their ideas clearly.

Goshopwith.ai: Managing shopping and maintaining a budget can be overwhelming. Goshopwith.ai acts as a personal stylist, helping you find items within your budget and matching your style preferences, simplifying the shopping process.

Ogimi.ai: Practicing mindfulness is beneficial for managing ADHD symptoms. Ogimi.ai acts as a personal mindfulness coach, providing guided meditation and relaxation techniques to help you find balance and reduce stress.

ChefGpt.xyz: Get culinary assistance tailored to your needs with ChefGpt.xyz. Simply input the ingredients and dietary restrictions, and this AI tool will provide recipe recommendations and cooking tips, making meal planning and preparation more convenient.

Speechify.com: Reading lengthy texts can be challenging for individuals with ADHD. Speechify.com is a text-to-speech reader that allows you to listen to articles, documents, or books, making it easier to absorb information and stay focused.

Wisdolia.com: Studying can be a daunting task for individuals with ADHD. Wisdolia.com offers a Chrome extension that auto-generates flashcards, making studying more efficient and effective.

FindYourNextBook.AI: Reading can be a beneficial activity for individuals with ADHD, but finding the right book can be overwhelming. FindYourNextBook.AI simplifies this process by using AI algorithms to suggest books based on your preferences, making it easier to discover new reading material.

ResumeWorded.com: Crafting an effective resume is crucial for career success. ResumeWorded.com offers personalized feedback on resumes, helping individuals with ADHD optimize their professional profiles and stand out in the job market.

Noty.ai: Meetings can be challenging to navigate for individuals with ADHD. Noty.ai improves meeting productivity by providing transcription services, allowing you to focus on the discussion rather than note-taking. It also facilitates follow-ups by generating action items and reminders.

QuickLines.ai: Break the ice with personalized and captivating email openers using QuickLines.ai. This AI tool generates creative and tailored ice breakers, helping you initiate conversations effectively and make a positive impression.

Ferret.ai: Improve your relationship intelligence with Ferret.ai. This tool leverages AI to analyze and provide insights into relationships, assisting individuals in navigating social interactions more effectively.

Politepost.net: Improve the politeness and professionalism of your emails with Politepost.net. This AI tool rewrites your emails, suggesting more courteous and diplomatic language, ensuring your communication comes across as respectful and considerate.

Thekeys.ai: Thekeys.ai is an app that helps you connect with others by conveying the appropriate tone of voice. It uses AI to analyze text messages and suggest suitable emotions and expressions, enhancing communication in various contexts, including dating.

PenelopeAI.com: Enhance your writing speed and efficiency with PenelopeAI.com. This tool leverages AI to auto-complete your writing, providing suggestions and completing sentences as you type, boosting productivity and reducing writer’s block.

Typify.app: Effortlessly respond to text messages with Typify.app. This AI-powered keyboard understands your conversations and generates intelligent responses, making it a helpful tool for efficient and quick communication.

Buildai.space: Plan your trips seamlessly with Buildai.space. This trip planner AI assists in creating detailed itineraries for just $1 per plan, taking into account your preferences and optimizing your travel experience.

Vondy.com: This site offers a variety of tools designed to help guide individuals to the best online resources. Whether you need educational materials, tutorials, or informative guides, Vondy.Com can assist in streamlining your online research.

DoNotPay.com: Navigating legal matters can be complex and overwhelming. DoNotPay.com acts as a robot lawyer, providing assistance with various legal issues and simplifying the process for individuals with ADHD.

AiLawyer.pro: Say goodbye to expensive consultations, long waits for appointments, and confusing legal texts. AI-lawyer ready to give you expert legal help anytime, anywhere.

Hellohistory.ai: Curiosity about historical figures and events can be an exciting way to learn. Hellohistory.ai allows you to engage in conversations with historical figures, satisfying your curiosity and expanding your knowledge.

Book.google.com/talktobooks: Discover new books by engaging in conversational queries with this AI-powered tool. Talk to Books uses AI algorithms to provide book recommendations based on your inquiries, making it a convenient way to explore and find exciting reading material.

OpenRead: A scientific paper reader powered by AI, including a paper summary by section, full-text summary, and  Q&A. Most importantly, we use AI to parse PDF papers and turn them into interactive papers. We also have an AI assistant called Oat where people can ask questions as they read. 

Hoppy Copy: Save time and effort by letting Hoppy Copy write emails for you. This AI tool generates personalized email drafts, taking into account your preferences and communication style, allowing you to compose professional and engaging messages efficiently.

Perplexity.ai: Unlock a powerful search engine experience with Perplexity.ai. This AI-powered search engine goes beyond traditional results, providing comprehensive and insightful information on a wide range of topics.

Grammarly: This one’s been around for awhile so you might know it. Grammarly is a writing assistant tool that supports correcting grammatical, spelling, and instructing errors across all platforms as a browser extension. Grammarly is notable in its ability to support online communication more seamlessly with driven AI-powered suggestions. 

Those we included in this list aren’t the only ai tools out there that ADHDers can make use of.

These are just a few examples of a range of AI tools available to support us. Whether it’s improving productivity, enhancing focus, or promoting personal well-being, these tools harness the power of AI to provide tailored assistance. Embracing these innovative technologies can make life just a little bit easier for some of us with ADHD. How will you use ai for ADHD? 

We used Supertools The Rundown to find these tools. Check out this article for some ideas for how to use AI.

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