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  • Post published:July 1, 2024

The ADHD Continuum is a comprehensive model designed by coach members of the FlexYourADHD community to illustrate the full range of experiences that come with living with ADHD, in other words, how it feels to have an ADHD brain. It serves as a reflective tool to help individuals identify their current position in managing ADHD and recognize the areas in which they excel or may require additional support. This resource stands out because it focuses on the internal aspects of ADHD—how it feels rather than how it might appear to others.

The model delves into the personal, day-to-day experiences and challenges faced by those with ADHD, touching on critical life domains such as thought processes, emotions, social interactions, health, focus, and memory. It aims to portray the genuine, everyday reality of living with ADHD, facilitating greater comprehension for outsiders and providing validation and support for those with ADHD.

The model not only serves as a means of affirmation that people with ADHD are not alone in their experiences but also acts as a practical guide for coaches, therapists, and educators. It aids goal-setting, increasing self-awareness, and developing individualized strategies to manage ADHD effectively in one’s life.

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The ADHD Continuum

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