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We set about collecting all of the best tool recommendations from our members and boy did we get a great list!  Check out the goodies below and comment if you love something on this list or if we’ve missed anything!

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Tools to help you practice accountability

Accountability can be hard for ADHD brains when dopamine is running low so sometimes we need to force them! 

Locked Timer box – I use this box to put my smartphone in time-out when I need to break my addiction to tech but am having trouble consciously accomplishing the task. With my ADHD I’d be lost without it, or at least a lot more stressed.  

Ear plugs – When I’m working any interesting sounds distract me or either I listen to white noise with my apple ear pods or I use these! 

Apple AirPods – Essential. 

Habit Tracking Calendar – Some of us need an added visual element that we can’t avoid seeing to keep a good habit going. Sure you can use an app but with this calendar on the fridge my family can help cue me when I haven’t filled out a day. 

Tried and True Visual Timers

Anyone who has their ADHD under control can tell you – nothing beats the good old physical timer. Not your smart phone or your smart home device. Use it for one thing only – working sprints. 

For Capturing Ideas Before They Fly Out of Your Head

In addition to the notes app in my phone I’m a sticky note queen but also want to be conscious of how much trash I produce because we should all care. So in addition to recommending the paper and disposable kind here we’ve got earth friendly options too.  

On a side note, you can use dry erase markers on many surfaces (mirrors, windows). We keep them in the bathroom for shower ideas. 

Planning Your Day

We’ve tried them all, here’s what we’ve learned. No one solution works for everyone. Your planner needs to fit your lifestyle, personal preferences, technology level, and needs. Here are a few recommendations but we’re still trying to get it right. 

Bullet Journaling – This highly recommended method allows you to create your own unique system of capturing your day in any way you want. Just try to stick to the one sheet a day rule. 

Planning Your Life

The reason we have a big magnetic calendar is simple – if you see it, you’ll remember it. Now you’ll have to make it a habit to check in on it daily but after that, we promise you, this will make your life easier. We’ve also included a blank whiteboard because we have this and find it super helpful! We can write our to do’s, meals we have in the fridge, or notes to the family. 

So which of these are you going to give it a try? If you do, please let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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