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The Best ADHD Wake Up Trick

by Team FLEX

Do you have trouble waking up?

Really what person with ADHD hasn’t struggled with this at some point? Well, we’ve got a great recommendation for you! Use the power of the sun to start your day and help balance your body. 

Sunrise/Sunset Simulating Wake Up Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and Sunset Fading Night Ligh

This is the original wake up light from Phillips.

Member Brittni says “This alarm clock was a game changer for me…it simulates the sunrise so my body/mind can adjust/prepare before my alarm goes and it gives me some daylight during those months when your alarm may be waking you up before the actual sunrise. I usually have a more difficult time waking up/getting out of bed if my room is dark and it usually is because I need black out curtains to help me fall asleep at night … So this clock has worked wonders”

Here’s our pick for a budget friendly buy at $40.99.

Wake- Up Light, LBell 7 Colored Night Light/Sunrise Simulation & Sleep Aid, Dual Alarm Clock with FM Radio, 7 Natural Sounds and Snooze for Kids Adults Bedrooms/Night Light Ambiance

What wake up tricks do you use? Share in the comments below or join our community to share in our private group today! 


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Jane January 6, 2021 - 12:01 am

Waking up is really hard for me if I don’t have an serious urgency. This might be bad, but I tell myself that when I take my meds, I will feel less groggy. That’s how I drag myself out of bed when I feel so tired. In reality, getting up and drinking water and getting started probably makes the bigger difference. But, whatever works, right?!


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